Camp Sotero Cabahug, Gorordo Avenue, Cebu City

Cebu City Police Stations Contact Number(s):

PS1 – Parian, Cebu City: +6332 254-5002
PS2 – Fuente Osmeña, Cebu City: +6332 253-5636, +6332 256-2194, +6332 255-7350
PS3 – Waterfront Pier Area: +6332 254-6968
PS4 – Mabolo, Cebu City: +6332 412-8262, +6332 233-6793
PS5 – Carbon, Cebu City: +6332 256-2192, +6332 254-8635
PS6 – Taboan, Cebu City: +6332 261-9788
PS7 – Pardo, Cebu City: +6332 273-3642
PS8 – Talamban, Cebu City: +6332 344-7400
PS9 – Guadalupe, Cebu City: +6332 256-2193
PS10 – Puerto Princesa, Cebu City: +6332 261-7507, +6332 261-5470
PS11 – Mambaling, Cebu City: +6332 261-9804


  1. fredo says:

    naa mga bata dire sa Guadalupe Andres abellana ext mag siege pabuto ug firecrackers pwuede ba dakpon ang ilang amahan ani Kay dili na mabadlong and ilang anak na siege pabuto walay mahimi loslos ni station 9 cebu guadalupe

  2. Jorge says:

    At D Jakosalem st. near sacred heart center there is a bar name Hey Joe with very loud speaker 24/7 and also they are having customers drinking in the sidewalk…and also smoking cigarettes in the public places

  3. Mariane says:

    Aren’t the police conducting curfews anymore? How about those promises? There are just good at the beginning. Many parents are worried about their child not being at home at around 12-3am. WHY ARE WE LETTING THIS PASSED AWAY? It’s really diassappointing 🙁 please make your actions reflect your words.

  4. akal says:

    Mga taga station 5 ug 6 usa na sa mga drug protector, samot na si MAHINAY sa station 5 ug arias sa station 6, mga protector wa sila ka limpyo sa pasil ug ermita daghan gihapon kaayo snatcher ug manuyopay tawn sad ninyo pang gabaan pamo mga animala mo

  5. earl says:

    Palihog sad q og dakop diri sa vedeo karera sir Kay Ara Jud manoyop ang mga manoyopay actioni in town nah nin u sir paminaw nq kaning taga station sa pardo naa guroy tig dawat dhakKwarta para sa karera Kay agean Raman sa mga pulis..buhata nah in u tulumanon sir salmat

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