Southern Police District Station 3 – Parañaque City

Parañaque Police Station Contact Numbers:

+632 826-2877, +632 826-8182, +632 826-8121

Parañaque Police Community Precints Contact Numbers:

PCP1 Quirino/Taft Avenue , Baclaran: +632 832-0107
PCP2 Quirino Avenue, La Huerta: +632 826-7240
PCP3 Interchange, Bicutan: +632 823-0858
PCP4 Santos Avenue, San Dionisio: +632 826-1415


  1. alex aquino says:

    Dir Sir,

    d day to you I still remember the case of reynaldo dela cruz a buthchers from the market of paranaque who had murdered by two mennamed buboy who lived in pasay city and fernando lontoc aka pando the witness was pando’s former neighbor in sto.nino paranaque…it was broadcast by Mayor Erap Estrada at that time erap is a senator in channel 13 to help Reynaldo’s mother to hunt for the suspect Fernando.the case still unsolved.. and the murderer is still at large. Now sir have to give you my information that Fernando Lontoc was there in Las Pinas City he works as a jeepney driver which has plate #TXD 400 own by Manuel Olamedo. If you want to know he is the real culprit just see his neighbor in sto nino pque as the one who seen the two suspects. and the other one is buboy who live in pasay city near m.reyes street. they are batcmate in highschool at Southeastern Colege in Pasay City if you want a clear investigation about them. just ask an informer to do so..

    yours truly,

    Have a nice and Happy Holiday to you there!
    i just want to help…

  2. jomgarcia says:

    Mga sir tip ko lng may nggawa po bentahan ng marijuana dyn s super8 grocery s sucat
    Mga crew ren ang mga parokyano at ang nag susuply yun assistant manager trainee na si dennis. pkitiktikan ang store n yan mga sir

  3. jose n.pagcaliwangan says:

    Ur number was un attended (09077580303)

  4. jose n.pagcaliwangan says:

    I try to call ur phone number but it was un attended

  5. jose n.pagcaliwangan says:

    My son inlaw was hit by train near arcadio high school near united I paranaque last sunday evening 7:30 pm, I want to know what happen to mr. Johnrey. Grande if theres anything foul play done before he was hit .

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