Northern Police District Station 1 – Caloocan City

Samson Road, Sangandaan, Caloocan City

Caloocan Police Station Contact Number(s):

Station Tactical Operations Center: +632 362-3276, +632 362-3291
Chief of Police: +632 362-2714

Police Community Precints Contact Number(s):

PCP Zone 1: +632 235-9929
PCP Zone 2: +632 362-0647
PCP Zone 3: +632 332-2971
PCP Zone 7: +632 367-0708
PCP Zone 12: +632 362-4550
PCP Zone 14: +632 983-3284

PCP Barangay 12: +632 288-6121, +632 285-1777
PCP Barangay 14: +632 288-3673
PCP Barangay 86: +632 871-7103
PCP Barangay 88: +632 383-9064
PCP Barangay 129: +632 361-9126
PCP Barangay 164: +632 983-2010


  1. freddie says:

    Sir ang security po sa puregold monumento ay Hindi mahigpit, walang checking car underchasis at compartment, Hindi din po nag check ng bag ng shopper. Ang SM po mahigpit. Salamat po.

  2. kitin says:

    May information po ako.. May active warrant of Arrest sa precinct nyo.. bumalik dito sa area sa Deparo at nanggugulo dito at ngayon nagbebenta ng drugs

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