Carmen, Bohol

Police Station Contact Number(s):

+6338 525-9223, +6338 525-9222


  1. Denny Beryan Saputra says:

    I got traffic accident on 3rd December 2017. The polices were kind enough to helping me during that time, they brought me to local hospital nearby. The local hospital refer me to the big hospital in the city of tagbilaran since the xray on the hospital only available on weekday. Since I’m a solo traveler from Indonesia and does not have any companion, the police took me to the station until the bike owner who I rented, pick me up and the bike.

    When the bike owner came and took the bike, he drop me to the hospital in the city, and the xray result stated that I broke my left shoulder.

    As I’m traveller from Indonesia, I need a police report for my travel insurance.

    When I was in the police station, I asked about the police report, however they told me that the report will be availble as tomorrow and I cannot wait for that since I have ticket ferry to return to cebu on the same day.

    Following the information above, is it possible to send the police report to my email mentioned.

  2. Garcia Ben says:

    So this space is for joke only . Or what else

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