Northern Police District Station 2 – Malabon

F. Sevilla Boulevard, Poblacion, Malabon City

Malabon Police Station Contact Number(s):

Station Tactical Operations Center: +632 281-9999
Chief of Police: +632 281-8389
Deputy Chief of Police for Administration: +632 281-1135
Deputy Chief of Police for Operations: +632 283-4914
Admin/HRDD/Finance: +632 281-1135

Police Community Precints Contact Number(s):

PCP1: +632 294-6180
PCP2: +632 385-9446
PCP3: +632 438-9700
PCP4: +632 355-4714
PCP5: +632 281-1763
PCP6: +632 401-6160
PCP7: +632 283-0309
PCP8: +632 409-0757
PCP9: +632 287-7700
PCP10: +632 282-6701


  1. Chona patrimonio says:

    Sir patulong namn po marami naglalabasan na po yung mangahudaper nun po pera lng ngyn kasama na po motor sir please para po d na manlgyari sa iba bombay

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