Eastern Police District Station 3 – Mandaluyong City

2/F PNP Building, Maysilo Circle, Plainview, Mandaluyong City

Mandaluyong Police Station Contact Number(s):

Trunkline: +632 532-2001
Station Tactical Operations Center: +632 532-2145, +63 915-9370-382
Chief of Police: +632 532-2318
Criminal Investigation Unit: +632 571-6004

Police Community Precints Contact Number(s):

PCP2: +632 718-4036
PCP6: +632 532-7564
PCP8: +632 531-0647
PCP9: +632 535-3992
PCP10: +632 534-0345
PCP11: +632 535-4720
PCP13: +632 531-9432
PCP14: +632 533-2505
PCP16: +632 533-1319
PCP17: +632 532-6818
PCP18: +632 719-1736
PCP20: +632 719-2474
PCP22: +632 534-1874
PCP23: +632 533-4794, +632 535-5431
PCP24: +632 535-0917
PCP25: +632 655-9918
PCP26: +632 531-9900


  1. Concern Citizen says:

    Good Evening!

    I want to report a public disturbance here in mabini-j.rizal insiders 1
    Every night past 10pm they always on a drinking spree with loud music and loud chatting. I thought there is an ordinance were you can only drink before 10pm and if you want to drink liquors it should be in your house . I hope an ordinace is an ordinance and it should be implemented. I hope you can help us. Regularly (mag ikot po kayo s lugar namin para nmn po maayus ang tulog namin dahil may mga trabaho po kame kinabukasan at sobrang abala po sila.)


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