A Soriano Avenue, Barangay Centro, Mandaue

Mandaue City Police Stations Contact Number(s):

PS1 – Public Market: +6332 344-6221
PS2 – Subangdaku: +6332 346-8591
PS3 – Basak: +6332 343-9891
PS4 – Casuntingan: +6332 344-7752
PS5 – Opao: +6332 346-5948
PS6 – Canduman: +6332 344-4428


  1. delsa tones says:

    Good day sir, I would like to ask records from wcpd regarding the strong implementation of ordinance of anti loitering, for academic purposes only. thank you

  2. Rizz Denz says:

    Good am, palihug kog badlong sa among silingan nga until now wala gyd kapalong sa ila videoke nga puerting kusuga. Contact numbers provided on this website kay dli macontact esp police station 5.Tsk

  3. Naa lang untay koy e report mga way batasan nga mga tao nga nag-inom dre sa amung tungod public disturbance naman gud unsa nang orasa mura mn og way pakialam ni sila. Dre sa maguikay mandaue city sunod sa alliance churh dunay skena way lain tindahan dre nga enyong maagian. Palihug png ko kay pirmente nmn gd ni ning ani himala sad karun wa sillela gasugal

  4. jade chavez says:

    police staion5 palihug tawn badlong aning naa sa basketan saba kaayo sir nagvideoke unsa na orasa

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