Eastern Police District Station 1 – Marikina City

New Justice Hall Building, Sta. Elenna

Marikina Police Station Contact Number(s):

Station Tactical Operations Center: +632 646-1651
Chief of Police: +632 646-1650
District Chief of Police for Administrative: +632 369-6482
Admin Branch/Logistics/Police Community Relation: +632 646-1622
Intel/SAID/ Operations: +632 646-1624
Clearance: +632 646-2353
Ancar/Traffic: +632 646-1633
Station Affairs Office: +632 646-1624

Police Community Precints Contact Number(s):

PCP2 Barangay Hall: +632 646-8479
PCP3 Sta. Elena: +632 496-2742
PCP4 Sto Nino: +632 494-6753
PCP5 Barangay Malanday: +632 942-1346
PCP6 Concepcion Uno: +632 496-2651
PCP7 Concepcion Dos: +632 942-6101
PCP8 Barangay Marikina: +632 933-4020
PCP10 Nangka: +632 934-8625
PCP11 Barangay Dela Peña: +632 948-6963
PCP13 Barangay Barangka: +632 494-6156
PCP14 Industrial Valley: +632 369-5834
PCP15 Barangay Fortune: +632 496-2736
PCP16 Barangay Tumana: +632 496-2637


  1. Updated po ba lahat ng contact numbers ng bawat barangay/station? Thank you.

  2. May aksidente po sa barangka.. Malapit po sa river banks. And brgy hall ng barangka.. Tumakas po ung nakabanggang motor. Nung umalis po ako dun andun pa po ung biktima nakaupo namimilipit sa sakit. Around 6:45-7:00 pm po ang pangyayari..

  3. joie cabiltes says:

    Good morning poh, ask lng kng anong oras dalaw sa MARIKINA CID

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