Southern Police District Station 1 – Pasay City

F.B Harison Street, Pasay City

Pasay Police Station Contact Number(s):

Station Tactical Operations Center: +632 831-1544, +632 831-5054
Deputy Station: +632 831-1544
Station Intelligence Section: +632 831-1359
Station Investigation Section: +632 831-8070
Operations Section: +632 831-9302

Police Community Precints Contact Number(s):

PCP1: +632 832-1125
PCP5: +632 569-1299
PCP6: +632 491-5307
PCP8: +632 852-6719
PCP11: +632 703-7346


  1. Magz says:

    Pkisabihan nmn poh dto sa may aurora tapat ng silva, may eskinitang papasok, tabe lng nmn, lgrng may inuman hanggang alas tres.. wla bang curfew tulad sa probinxa na hanggng 10pm lng pwdeng mg ingay? Nakaka bwisit na.. ung sa government ka mgtrabaho, kaulngn muh ng tulig pero khit cgwan muh cla, wla padin sa knla.. san na kau mga pulis? Pgsbhan neo nmn cla..

  2. Katrina says:

    Sa Barangay 29 Zone 5 Along Santiago Street, sobrang ingay hindi mo aakalaing residential area dahil sa ginawang tirahan ng mga tambay sa kanto at magnanakaw ng kuryente ang gilid ng daan. Lahat ng appliances nakarekta sa poste ng Meralco. Ang lalakas ng loob gumamit ng malalakas na sound system palibhasa di nagbabayad ng kuryente. Perwisyo na sa pagnanakaw ng kuryente dahil mga umuupa ang hati-hati sa pagbabayad ng mga ninanakaw nilang kuryente, perwisyo pa sa ingay. Kung makapatugtog at makapagkwentuhan, akala mo sarili nila ang kapaligiran. Maghapon inaabot ng madaling-araw sa ingay. Hindi sinisita ng barangay officials. Magronda naman kau sa areang yan, wag lng along harrison. Mga walang disiplina ang tao sa lugar na yan.

  3. Jessica says:

    Mismong barangay 28 zone 4 grabe. Hindi ka makapag pahinga sa ingay.

  4. Jessica says:

    Pakicheck ninyo ang villaruel. Hanggang alas tres ng madaling araw ang iingay ng mg nagiinom nakaka perwisyo. Yung barangay mga walang pakialam.

  5. Ashwini says:

    Dear PNP,

    I’m an Indian national, living in Oman, I had visited SM Mall on 4th November, Saturday, 2017. While shopping, my brand new mobile I phone seven plus which was in a cross body bag with compartments had been pickpocketed from the H&M Store, ground floor, SM Mall of Asia. By the time I got to the Trial room – about a minute later, My brand new iPhone 7 plus was gone. On hindsight, I realized Four women were involved in the crime; all the four women have surrounded me at the H&M store near the trial room. Seconds later, all were gone with my I phone.

    The H&M Staff was little help showed me a CCTV footage(10:00 pm) and then that it was evident in the footage that all the four girls involved in the pick-pocketing are visible and act of crime recorded in the CCTV. All girls were professional robbers and were swift in pickpocketing.

    As I had to catch the immediate flight, there was no chance of me visiting the local police station to register the complaint. However, I had informed the H&M Store administrators, SM Mall security personnel at the same time who were around, and they had passed on the message in the local language (Walkie Talkie)

    I’m a victim of organized pickpocketing gangs of Philippines. Hence, I request Manila Police to consider this as my formal complaint and kindly register the complaint. The documentary evidence of CCTV footage is with the H&M store and SM Mall of Asia administrator. I have already sent an e-complaint in the to the Manila Police; I’m yet to receive a response from them.

    Please help me, and I want the government/state police to take action against these organized gangsters who rob foreigners and shame your country. Please do not let them go. Kindly help me to retrieve my phone by tracking them. I’m sure since the CCTV footage has recorded the crime indent precisely, it will not be a difficult task to Manila police to track and punish the culprits.

    I hope to hear some positive response from you.

    Also, please let me know if any other means to reach the relevant law and order authorities if this email is the concerned.

    If you require any further information, let me know.

    Kindly retrieve the footage from the mall and please help me to track my phone.


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